PhD Candidates

Hanan Bozhar

PhD Project: Understanding affective and addictive disorders in adolescents in an urban background using a life-course complex systems approach

Project Applicants: dr. Susanne de Rooij (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC); dr. Helle Larsen (FMG)

Project Team: dr. Susanne de Rooij; dr. Helle Larsen; dr. Tanja Vrijkotte; dr. Anja Lok, prof. dr. Claudi Bockting

Lotte Brinkhof

PhD Project: Promoting preventive interventions based on resilience network for aging individuals in urban settings

Project Applicants: dr. Harm Krugers (FNWI); prof. dr. Richard Ridderinkhof (FMG)

Project Team: prof. dr. Jaap Murre; dr. Sanne de Wit, prof. dr. Claudi Bockting, prof. dr. Reinout Wiers

Viviana Canicatti

PhD Project: Living in a complex environment: Effects of (early) life context on social status and stress coping behaviour

Project Applicants: dr. Rixt van der Veen (FNWI); prof. dr. Paul Lucassen

Project Team: dr. Rixt van der Veen; Prof. dr. Paul Lucassen

Maarten van den Ende​

PhD Project: Computational modelling of psychological and social dynamics in urban mental health conditions: the case of addictive substance use

Project Applicants: dr. Michael Lees (FNWI); dr. Sacha Epskamp (FMG)

Project Team: prof. dr. Han van der Maas, prof. dr. Peter Sloot, prof. dr. Reinout Wiers

Karoline Huth

PhD Project: Networks of addiction and depression in multi-ethnic urban settings

Project Applicants: dr. Ruth van Holst (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC); dr. Judy Luigjes (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC); dr. Maarten Marsman (FMG)

Alessandra Mansueto

PhD Project: Using network science to study familiar and individual mental health issues in urban settings

Project Applicants: prof. dr. Reinout Wiers (FMG); prof. dr. Julia van Weert (FMG)

Project Team: dr. Sacha Epskamp; dr. Barbara Schouten, prof. dr. Reinout Wiers

Junus van der Wal

PhD Project: Understanding the dynamics of depression in high-risk urban populations using a complex systems approach

Project Applicants: prof. dr. Claudi Bockting (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC); prof. dr. Karien Stronks (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC)

Project Team: dr. Mary Nicolaou, dr. Anja Lok, prof. dr. Claudi Bockting

Anneke Vuuregge

PhD Project: Working Out Urban Stress

Project Applicants: assistant professor Joram Mul (FNWI-SILS); assistant professor Anouk Schrantee (Amsterdam UMC, Location AMC -Radiology & Nuclear Medicine)

Project Team: prof. dr. Paul Lucassen, prof. dr. Claudi Bockting

Vera Korenblik

PhD Project: Understanding and targeting microbial patterns among adolescents with depression: Using a complex systems approach in an urban environment

Project Applicants: dr. Anja Lok (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC, dept. Psychiatry); professor Stanley Bul (FNWI-SILS)

Project Team: prof. dr. Claudi Bockting; dr. Aniko Korosi