With great joy, we look back on a truly remarkable and successful International Conference on Urban Mental Health. We believe it has been an inspiring and valuable two days filled with transdisciplinary work, presentations and exchanges across both days. The program was defined by numerous talented presenters who brought their research, practices, innovations and collaborations to light. Across disciplines, we were joined by 8 keynote and session speakers, 71 parallel session speakers across three different formats and 62 poster presenters. To top it off and to facilitate networking, conference drinks on both days and a small dance party on Thursday night provided a great platform for exchanges of experiences and a change of scenery!

In covering the conversations in the rooms and beyond, Nina Hodgson-Sweeney from The Mental Elf did a tremendous job. Would you like to dive back into the matter? Take a look at this comprehensive overview, and give The Mental Elf a follow! Note: X account required.

In organizing this conference, we would like to thank the team at EACLIPT as well as the EACLIPT Board for all the efforts on their end and their valuable contributions. As well, we had a wonderful volunteer team who gave dedicated support. We attribute the success of this conference to you. 



As promised, see below for the results of the brief questionnaire that was handed out at the start of the conference. 

*In case you missed the caveat, that was disclosed after you filled out the questionnaire - the questions were taken from a 1968 edition of Psychology Today...!


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